About PBL

199 GCI

At Partners Bulk Logistics, we are a professional, honest and dependable solution for hauling needs of all dry bulk material. With strategically located terminals in Cement City, MI and Cleveland, OH we maximize efficiency in order to better service our customers.

Partners Bulk Logistics was created in 2001; to simplify our customer’s needs and provide them with multiple carriers, by making one call and receiving one bill. We are a growing company with more than 60 trucks dispatched and over 110 trailers on the road. We specialize in the hauling of cement powder, flyash, slag, CKD (cement kiln dust), various types of bond, and frac sand in a pneumatic style bulk trailer.

Whether it be with our customers, vendors or equally important our drivers; who are the backbone of our business, Partners Bulk Logistics strives to build long lasting relationships while meeting all of our service and safety commitments.